New Year, New Leadership

February 3, 2020

2020 brings an exciting new year of serving our Guests (clients) and their families here at Joy’s House, and it also brings two new members to our Board of Directors! We have an incredible group of leaders here at Joy’s House, and we are so grateful for their guidance, experience, support and focus on our mission.

One of our newest Board Members, Stasia Demos Mills, joined us on our most recent episode of Caregiver Crossing, a Podcast (listen here!), where we got the chance to learn a little more about her, the work she does, how she came to know Joy’s House, and her vision for the future of the organization.

Born and raised in Broad Ripple, Stasia is a Midtown girl through and through. She started her law practice, Anastasia Demos Mills Attorney and Counselor at Law LLC, 20 years ago, helping, she says, with “beginnings and endings.” From adoption law to estate planning and elder care, Stasia’s love for people can be seen through her commitment and passion for her work and ensuring that her clients are informed, supported and led with compassion through what can often be difficult decisions.

She came to know Joy’s House about 15 years ago. “The families I was working with needed greater holistic support and wrap-around care,” she says. She began to seek out other resources and options and then, one day, drove past Joy’s House in Broad Ripple (which, at the time, was much smaller than it is today!).

“You know when you can kind of sense that there’s something good happening in a place? That was the feeling I had when I first came to Joy’s House.”

Stasia’s connection to Joy’s House then started and, to our incredible benefit, has continued throughout the years. The connection has also been a family affair. Stasia’s husband, Matt Mills, has been an incredibly generous supporter of our events and efforts through his business, Mills Catering. (He is a phenomenal chef!)

And now, we are beyond excited that Stasia’s connection has led to her appointment as one of our newest members of the Joy’s House Board of Directors. What is her vision for the future of Joy’s House? “I want to be a vocal supporter,” she says. “I want to bring more awareness.” Stasia agrees that as people learn more about Joy’s House and our mission, we will be able to reach more families in the community that need Adult Day and Caregiver Support services.

“Talking about health care choices won’t kill you,” Stasia says. “Talking about these things that can feel so vulnerable and scary, I think, in many ways, can lead to self-awareness and a greater, fuller life.”

We are excited about a future with our incredible leadership team at the helm, and reaching more and more people in our community to talk about their choices, rekindle relationships, keep families together longer, and enhance qualities of life.