embrace the imbalance book

Life is a breathtaking, heartbreaking, messy, beautiful ride. With every twist and turn comes an opportunity. To be amazed…or amused. To grow up, show up, or shut up. To cut ourselves some slack or step up to the plate. To hang on…or let go. To love and to be loved. To embrace the imbalance between the way things are and the way things could be.

This book is a collection of stories inspired by people, circumstances, and moments that invite us to embrace the imbalance. These pages will undoubtedly make you smile and may even shine a light on your life in ways you didn’t see coming. Most importantly, embrace the imbalance communicates an unwavering belief in every human being’s ability to make our world more hospitable to everyone, everywhere.

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A portion of the proceeds from embrace the imbalance benefits Joy’s House.