Healthcare Coordination

Joy’s House, in partnership with our friends at RadiusCare, is proud to announce a service for Medicaid Waiver recipients/clients.

If you are a Medicaid Waiver client you are now eligible to receive healthcare coordination services free of charge. 

From left to right: Angie Light and Emily Tisdale, RadiusCare Owners/Founders

Healthcare coordination is led by a dedicated and experienced coordinator, pulling together your team of healthcare professionals. This approach allows everyone involved with your healthcare to align, providing you with the best care possible.

Specialized healthcare coordinators are committed to the 3 C’s of integrated healthcare: Coordination, Communication and Collaboration.

This benefit is free of charge for Medicaid Waiver recipients/clients and includes 16 hours of support each month to assist you and your loved one with managing the many aspects of healthcare, such as: 

       •  Monthly home visits

       •  Setting up transportation

       •  Education on healthcare conditions

       •  Making medical appointments  

       •  Consistent communication

       •  Pharmacy refills

This coordination ensures that your regular doctor, specialists, therapists and other healthcare providers are all on the same page, creating a comprehensive plan that suits your unique needs.

Email or call 317-680-0700 to learn more about the RadiusCare and Joy’s House Healthcare Coordination service.  

To learn more about Joy’s House Caregiver Support services and programs email or call 317-254-0828.