Joy’s House CARE Kits are an organized binder of templates designed to keep important information in one central location.

This comprehensive solution is designed to help you create a tailored and holistic approach to care planning. Each Kit includes the following sections:

      •  About Your Loved One: This space creates a snapshot of the care recipient information, ie. name, medical conditions, and emergency contacts

       •  Developing A Plan: In this section you are able to list all formal and informal caregiver information and note who is able to help your loved one with their activities of daily living.

       •  Medical: This section is the place to keep track of medical records, doctor’s appointments and appointment notes, and medications, while also providing templates to sleep patterns, vital signs and behavior changes.

       •  Household: In this section, there is space to outline who to call for household needs including, the electric company, yard care, etc. This section also includes space to record account numbers and other vital information. 

       •  Legal & Financial: Use this section to create a monthly budget, notate name and contact information for attorneys and financial advisors, insurance information and decision makers. 

       •  End of Life: This section highlights the steps and information needed (and who needs it) when your loved one passes away. There is also a place to list who to notify of the death and space to plan the obituary and funeral. 

       •  Additional Resources: This section is to be tailored to the needs of the care recipient or to gather information from community resources. 

Mwandishi, a caregiver, with a trusted CARE Kit

“This kit helped me to get organized at a time when I was really struggling. It also encouraged me to think ahead – to things that I had no clue would take place in my household, with my husband or with me.”

– CARE Kit recipient

“My family’s most used page out of the CARE Kit is the Upcoming Doctors Visit form. This form has helped my dad feel much more comfortable asking his siblings for support and trusting that correct information gets shared, and all the necessary questions are asked. My dad gets relief from all the appointments, and his siblings are equipped to play a more active role in caring for their aging father.”                 

                                                                                                                          – Family Caregiver

CARE Kits are provided free of charge. 

Please consider a suggested donation of $25. If you are able to give this helps us continue to provide this resource in the future. Give online here.

In designing these Kits and other services, Joy’s House commits to helping to improve the lives of caregivers and their loved ones. Email to learn more about CARE Kits and our other Caregiver Support services and programs.