#WeAreImportant: Critical Fundraising Campaign Results

November 5, 2019


It has been a year of joyous celebration, as we reached our 20th year of serving adults with life-altering diagnoses and their families.

It has also been one of, if not THE hardest years at Joy‘s House, as we faced financial and structural hardships and had to really take a look in the mirror and ask some very tough questions:

Are we important?
Does the community care?

On September 1st, we launched a Critical Fundraising Campaign with a goal of raising $559,000 to keep our doors open and to keep serving families in our community.

We’ll be honest – we had doubts we would even make it to $100,000.

But we knew we had to fight. Fight for our Guests, fight for our caregivers, fight for the families that need us now, and will need us in the future.

And you all fought with us. You shared our story, you donated, you took action. There will never be the words to adequately express how loved we feel and how thankful we are.

Over 8 weeks, we did not raise $559,000.

We raised…$719,827!!!!!

We did it. YOU did it. And now we work to be better than ever, to be in this community for another 20 years and more, and to never find ourselves in this place again.

#WeAreImportant and our community needs us.