Celebrating Events (Mary and Rupert)

September 23, 2019

Rupert joined Mary’s family by way of Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs. They have joined us for years at our annual community open house. This month we celebrate Mary, Rupert and everyone else who has been a part of highlighting Joy’s House at special events over the last two decades.

It’s funny how many times you find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be. This is the case for Mary, who began volunteering with her dog, Rex, when she brought him to Joy’s House as a therapy dog years ago. Next came Ashton, Taffy and then Rupert (pictured).

As a physical therapist, Mary shares that she “knew that such care was important to the Guests and their families.” Her professional experience and personal volunteering had taught her that. But this was only the beginning of Mary’s relationship with Joy’s House.

“I urged my dad to have my mom, who had Alzheimer’s disease, attend Joy’s House.” It wasn’t long before her mother started attending as a Guest. Mary reveals that her perspective changed; she uses words like “great respect” and “kindness” when she talks about her mother’s time as a Guest. She adds that “there is nowhere I would rather her be.”

But no matter what lens she is looking through, we are so grateful that she has invited Joy’s House into her family’s life and that she has chosen to be such an important part of ours.