Celebrating Scholarships (Patricia and Brother Michael)

August 15, 2019

In August, we celebrate our Guest Scholarship Program. Patricia puts it best: “I am grateful for the scholarship which helps me be able to provide a living, pay the bills and purchase the necessities of life. Thankfully, there are places like Joy’s House who understand the great financial strain when it comes to caregiving.”

“Hi. What’s your name? I’m Brother Michael. Today is the greatest day of my life.” These words are usually followed up with a life lesson, and there is always a big smile and a handshake. Bro. Michael is charismatic. He doesn’t sit very often. And when someone is hurting, he loves a little more and tries a little harder. It makes sense for a man who has lived his life with independence and great care of others.

According to his wife, Patricia, he has always been the one to pay the household bills, do the grocery shopping, pick up the grandchildren, and cook the meals. So when his doctor suggested that he no longer drive and that he wasn’t safe staying home alone, they were both devastated. “Fifteen years of marriage, and suddenly our independence and freedom was gone! I did not know what to do.”

And then a colleague laid a Joy’s House calendar on her desk. As she read through the monthly stories, just like this one, she knew that we could help. “Joy’s House is an answer to prayer,” she says. “This organization has given us our freedom back. I’m able to continue working. Michael enjoys the respect and care Joy’s House demonstrates. He loves being among friends. Every day he receives hugs, well wishes and laughter.” For Bro. Michael, being able to educate others and to share life lessons is an important part of who he is. The great news is, he is full of experiences, words of wisdom and a whole lot of love to share.

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