Profiles in Courage: Miss Annie

July 31, 2018

Miss Annie is beautiful and kind. She is soft spoken and generous. But one look in her eyes will tell you that she has lived…really lived. You see, Miss Annie is a teacher. And while many people are teachers, there aren’t many teachers like Miss Annie. She received her teaching degree in the 1950’s, during a time when it was challenging for her to get this education because of both her gender and her race. And while college brought its share of challenges, nothing compared to getting that first job.

Miss Annie knew where she wanted to teach and she knew she was qualified for the hob. As times would have it, she was overlooked. But she was a fighter and she was smart. Using her connections and courage, she challenged the system and in 1959, she became the first black teacher in the school system. Miss Annie…changing not only the school school system, but children’s lives one student at a time and for decades to come. She reminds us that sometimes you have to stand alone so that you can eventually stand together to make a real difference.