Staff Perspective: Courtney C.

March 20, 2018

When I first entered Joy’s House, I was asked if I knew anything about adult day, Joy’s House, or Alzheimer’s disease. My response: No. If you’d ask me that same question almost two years later, I’d tell you that Joy’s House gave me strength, courage and guided me to find my passion.

I started at Joy’s House as a volunteer with limited knowledge regarding older adults and the services they need. Today I am pursuing my degree in Social Work, but my focus has greatly shifted to gerontology and I am pursuing a certificate in aging studies. My work and love for all the people at Joy’s House (especially the Guests) led me here; to my passion.

My work with the Guests, caregivers, and staff of Joy’s House provided me with an opportunity to work with the people who are often forgotten because of old age. I learned to connect in ways I never imagined, I’ve learned to build relationships and friendships with people 70 years my senior (yes, they are #mypeople).

The transition from volunteer to staff member has been phenomenal in adding to my growth as an individual and a professional. I owe my future goals of reforming nursing homes and growing the resources available to older adults to Joy’s House for giving me an opportunity and a chance to learn and develop.

Thank You Joy’s House!

-Courtney C.
Joy’s House at UIndy
Guest Relations Assistant