10 Things That Bring Us Joy – Joy’s House at UIndy

March 12, 2018

Editor’s note: In celebration of the recent 2nd anniversary of our grand opening of Joy’s House at UIndy, we asked the team to come up with 10 things that bring them joy. We hope you’ll stop by and experience the fun with them soon! 

1. Volunteers from the University of Indianapolis working with our Guests.

2. Long’s Donuts on Fridays from our friends at the Altenheim Community.

3. Roncalli High School students spending their afternoons with us!

4. Our amazing staff knowing when to bring out the goofiness!

5. Supporting everyone who walks through our doors.

6. Giving and receiving hugs! (We’re especially good at this one – come see for yourself!)



7. Knowing our caregivers are a little lighter after leaving Joy’s House.

8. Great Community Partners and friends who are always supporting us.

9. Our Garden space and deck … when the weather is nice!

10. Serving our Guests, who bring us so much joy!