Getting Involved at Any Age

April 5, 2018


Meet Max Cruz. Max is 7 years old and is the son of Joy’s House supporters Charlie and Kathy Cruz. Kathy has been involved with Joy’s House in a number of ways, including as a current Board Member, and her generous spirit is now evident in her children.

Here’s the thing about Max: He donates his Tooth Fairy money to Joy’s House! We couldn’t be more grateful for his contribution. Kathy (or “Mom”, as seen below) recently interviewed Max for us so we can learn more about why he’s chosen to get involved and give back to Joy’s House.

And, tune in to Caregiver Crossing on WIBC this Saturday morning at 7am to hear from Max and his sister Lilah on why they love Joy’s House, and how they get involved. We’re sure after you hear from them, you’ll love them as much as we do!

Kathy and Max Cruz – Interview

Mom – “Why have you decided to donate all your Tooth Fairy money to Joy’s House?”
Max – “Because Joy’s House needs it more than I do.”

Mom – “Any other reason?”
Max – “It’s really nice to give and not just keep.  If you just keep all your money that’s really mean.”

Mom – “How does it make you feel when you give your money to Joy’s House?”
Max – “Great!”

Mom – “Why does it make you feel great?”
Max – “Because, when you do something good it makes you even gooder.”

Mom – “Do you remember any of the guests that you’ve seen before?”
Max – “I think I remember the person who always gives me a high five.  Who’s that called?”

Mom – “I don’t remember his name but what did he like about you?”
Max – “How I’m like kind of nice to them.”

Mom – “Yes, and he specifically liked something that you were wearing, do you remember?”
Max – “My Cars shoes that lit up.”

Mom – “Yes.  Every time you walked in the room what would he do?”
Max – “He would high five me and say he likes my shoes.”

Mom – “What activity do you like to do with the guests?”
Max – “Puzzles.  I like to do puzzles with them because they need help doing the puzzle and it’s also nice to help them do the puzzle.”

Mom – “Anything else you want to say about Joy’s House?”
Max – “No, nothing else.”