Introducing The Hau’oli Project!

April 20, 2020

For caregivers:
Are you a caregiver who is feeling overwhelmed?  Do you know anyone (family/friend/co-worker) who is caring for a loved one during this time of isolation and social distancing? Could they use extra support? Joy’s House can help.

Joy’s House presents a solution:
Joy’s House has created The Hau’oli (pronounced how’ooh-lee) Project,
a movement to share comfort and joy during this unprecedented time.
This is an opportunity to connect and support family caregivers –
all caregivers in our communities – with resources, communication
techniques, coping mechanisms, and self-care anecdotes to assist them
at home with guidance and grace during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is needed and how it works:
Joy’s House will facilitate the matching of volunteer “advocates” with recipient caregivers to join together to develop social partnerships as part of The Hau’oli Project. Hau’oli is the Hawaiian word meaning joy or happiness. Joy’s House will screen, train, educate, and guide advocates to help share joy and comfort with those who are caring for the most vulnerable in our community.

Our Caregiver Crossing video series will serve as the primary venue, housing a special video series and links to a storehouse of invaluable activities, exercises, and educational tidbits as an extra way to provide much-needed resources and tips for caregivers.

How to get involved:
Know a family caregiver? Want to become an advocate and help share joy? Simply go to to sign up or call/text 317-691-5247. You are loved and you are needed. Contact us today to become part of The Hau’oli Project. Joy’s House might not be open for adult day services during this time of quarantine, but we’re still here for you.