The Hau’oli Project

What was The Hau’oli Project?

Inspired by our own Miss Harriet, The Hau’oli Project was a movement to spread hau’oli (how’ooh-lee), which means “joy” in Hawaiian, to those in need of comfort and love during a difficult time.

Who was a part of The Hau’oli Project?

We looked for advocates in our community to connect with caregivers, providing comfort and support, in every day and creative ways. That might have been sending a small gift, becoming pen pals, playing a game on FaceTime, attending a virtual church service together, doing yoga together on Zoom. All advocates were thoroughly screened, including a background check, to ensure the utmost safety for our caregivers.

Caregiver Crossing Video Series

Caregiver Crossing, the video series, is an informative yet fun way to bring information, joy, and resources to all family caregivers.

CLICK HERE to see Caregiver Crossing videos.