A Note from Tina

March 31, 2020

Well…here we are. Like most of you, we are sheltering in the comfort of our own homes for the next few weeks. The Indiana Division of Aging announced a mandate for all adult day centers to be closed through the month of April, which is in line with our local and federal government recommendations. We commend them for continuing to make very hard decisions during this unprecedented time.

Our hope is to reopen our doors at Joy’s House on May 4, 2020, but time will tell. More than anything, we want you to know that we are okay as an organization, as families and as individuals. Our Guests and their loved ones are home together, feeling everything that you and I feel. My co-workers are working remotely, as much as possible and are coming together to create innovative opportunities for caregivers. We will be sharing more about that soon.

In the meantime, know that we missed you before we even closed the doors last week. But we trust that we will be together again soon, supporting each other, celebrating the smiles and creating new memories. Until then, love each other well and stay safe. The world needs you.

Warmly ~

Tina McIntosh
President & Founder, Joy’s House