The Final Week

October 28, 2019

This is it: the final week.

The final week to rally together and keep Joy’s House in our community.

The final week to prove that caring for adults living with life-altering diagnoses and providing support and resources for their caregivers is a valuable service, and something our community needs.

The final week to step up and say we’ve had enough with Indiana being ranked LAST in the nation for the care we give to aging adults.

The final week to recognize that the statistics show that we will most likely be a caregiver, or an adult with a life-altering diagnosis, at some point in our lives, and that places like Joy’s House are desperately needed.

The final week to come together and show that we we do is important and the people we serve are important.

It’s the final week. We can do this. Please give today if you can. Spread the word if you can. November 1st is four days away, and we are ready to prove that #20YearsIsNotEnough.