Miss Elizabeth

September 5, 2019

By Corrina Thompson, Community Relations Manager at Joy’s House

This is part my story, and part Miss Liz’s story…

Twenty years ago, my sister Tina started this magical not-for-profit – Joy’s House Adult Day Service – a place that offers a secure and engaging environment for adults that are not able to stay at home during the day, safely, while their loved ones go out into the world. This has also become a place for caregivers: a place to share their fears, a place to refresh and a place to love.  And now, this is my workplace: a place where I come to serve beautiful families in my community.

Miss Liz is in her eighties.  She is with us at Joy’s House five days a week.  Her daughter Bernice, or “Pumkin’,” as Miss Liz calls her, brings her Mom in so that she can work, run errands, manage her household and have an occasional break.  Miss Liz is a treat to be around.  Miss Liz is a lover. She loves her family and she loves Joy’s House.  Another thing that she loves, and it’s a close second to her family, is chicken.  MISS. LIZ. LOVES. CHICKEN.  Fried chicken.  Baked chicken.  Grilled chicken.  Stuffed chicken.  She makes it at home, and she orders it out.  We once had a 20-minute conversation about the bird.  She told this story about how when she was a young lady, she would have boyfriends drop chicken off on her front doorstep. 

We are in our 20th year at Joy’s House and we just launched a critical fundraising campaign.  Our future is at risk and we need your help. 

If you can relate to Bernice, as a caregiver, if you can relate to Miss Liz, as a chicken lover, please help!  If you know others that would feel the same, please share our story and our campaign with them! And, if you have hopes of seeing your own mother, or yourself, into the golden years, please give!

You can give today at joyshouse.org/give. Thank you!