Celebrating Donors (Tim and Corrine)

July 9, 2019

People donate to Joy’s House for a variety of reasons. Just about everyone recognizes the many needs for those living with life-altering diagnoses to have a warm and safe place to be seen, celebrated, and accepted, Our donors generously support our mission and make it possible for us to continue providing services, love and connection with our Guests and family caregivers.

Tim and Corrine support Joy’s House in many ways. They are donors, but they are much more. They have volunteered for years, helping to spearhead flower sales, as well as assist at Winterfest. They found themselves helping to renovate our UIndy location. Then they helped to paint the interior of a caregiver’s home when the caregiver simply couldn’t do it herself. When Corrine talks about Joy’s House, you can feel the passion. “Seeing the love and hugs given to the Guests, I mean real ‘we love you’ hugs, and that same compassion for the caregivers, it changes you for the better. Aging or a variety of diagnoses may change our abilities, but it doesn’t change our need for love, an dJoy’s House gives that every day.” This is a couple who cares about so many others and in so many ways. They love Joy’s House and we get to love them right back.