Celebrating Our Future: Miss Jean & Hernan

December 9, 2019

While Joy’s House has accomplished a great deal in the last twenty years, there is still a lot to be done. Frankly, more and more of us are family caregivers for someone we love. Caregiver Support Services continue to be influential as we find ourselves on this caregiving journey. And there simply aren’t enough adult day centers to care for everyone living with life-altering diagnoses. More needs to be done to care for our families.

While thinking about the future, we know that it is going to take more generosity, more marketing, more volunteers, more sponsors and partners…more of pretty much everything as we look to expand our services (and perhaps, one day, a third location). So we take this opportunity to thank you, in advance, for what you will mean to Joy’s House and our community as you continue to be a part of our organization as we do even more.

For many of us, planning is a way of life. Miss Jean and Hernan fit into this category. They knew what they wanted to do and when they wanted to do it. But then came the diagnosis, and a new plan was created. This new plan included Joy’s House. Suddenly, they were looking for things like safety, community, care, assistance and support. However, they had no clue how much they would give back to the rest of us.

Being around Miss Jean and Hernan is comfortable. One look at them and you understand words like commitment and strength. The way that they love each other, tease each other and are there for each other is precious to witness. But hints of routine are still around – it’s the fact that Miss Jean arrives at Joy’s House daily, promptly at 7:30am. It’s the way that she sits in the same seat every day until lunch with her lap top in front of her and her purse tucked close by. It’s evident every time she passes by the page-a-day calendar and gently removes today’s message. Sometimes she slips it straight into her bag for safe keeping, but other days, she leans back in her chair and reads it to Hernan, who almost always giggles as if they are the only two people in the room and then he follows up his laughter with a gentle kiss before heading out for the day.

Having plans is important and can be wonderful, but there is also something special about a backup plan too, especially when it brings great people together to make a difference in the world. And these two have sure made a difference for all of us at Joy’s House.