Celebrating Staff (Theresa and Corrina)

June 3, 2019

Theresa Bonner was the first paid staff member at Joy’s House. She left in 2005, worked in a variety of fields with other companies and then returned as our Family Care Manager this past year. Corrina Thompson remembers working alongside Theresa as an intern. She too went on to work in another field and after being hired to consult on an event, we made the wise decision to bring her on staff as our project manager. This month, we celebrate Theresa, Corrina, and all Joy’s House staff – past and present. 

In reflection, Theresa smiles that beautiful warm smile and almost giggles when she says “In the beginning, every day was nonstop. We would find gifts on the front porch all of the time. It was like we would speak a need and within days, it was met.” And there are other things that have stayed true at Joy’s House over decades. “The passion and love that radiates from this place is felt immediately. There is a culture of respect, of meeting people where they are, and the staff is still so very intentional.” Coming back on staff has been invigorating for Theresa and with great delight, she shares, “I know Joy’s House is where I need to be, and now I’m back home.”

“When I think about the last twenty years, I self-reflect. When I first came to Joy’s House, I was young and clumsy, but Joy’s House has always been here to accept me, embrace me, and challenge me,” shares Corrina. “And now I’ve evolved.” Corrina has been a part of Joy’s House since inception and she provides great insight on her journey, and she reminds us that she and Joy’s House have always had a special connection. “I didn’t come back to Joy’s House when I started working here – truth is, I never left.”