A Big Family

January 6, 2020

Mr. Jerry wears his orange hunting jacket like a badge of honor. And if you ask him about the walking stick that is nearly always in hand, you may just get the story of how he whittled it himself. He has always been full of life and love. Therefore, it came as a surprise when his daughter, Diana, got a call from his retirement village in Florida years ago, where she was told that there was concern with his behavior and personal safety. This is where her journey with caregiving began.

“It is such an overwhelming experience to care for your parent,” she shares. “Every day you are learning something new, experiencing a new challenge. But then I found Joy’s House. I remember coming in for my first consultation and just crying. But they got it.”

Diana realized that despite not having additional immediate blood family members, she wasn’t alone and that the staff at Joy’s House could nearly anticipate the needs of her father and her. Now, she has a different strength when it comes to caring for her father.

“At Joy’s House, it’s like a big family that all care for each other.”

And there you have it…like a big family. That’s us. That’s the Joy’s House we always hope to be.