Celebrating Sponsors, with Donna and Miss Betty

May 2, 2019

Miss Betty is a spry and sassy 95 year old who keeps us on our toes! During the month of May, we pause to celebrate our sponsors. These are the companies, foundations, and organizations who give generously with financial support, shared marketing, volunteers, and expertise. When they make the decision to support Joy’s House, they become part of our unique family. And because of their support, we are able to continue loving our families and walking alongside them during this journey called caregiver – just like with Donna and Miss Betty.

Miss Betty. Miss Betty. Miss Betty. When she is hurting, you hurt with her. But when she smiles, everything in the world seems better. Miss Betty loves sincere hugs and she looks you straight in the ye when she talks with you. Her love for her daughter, Donna, is apparent the minute you mention Donna’s name. But even Donna will tell you that Miss Betty needs constant care: “Without Joy’s House, someone would have to be home with Mom at all times. She wants your full attention, which makes it difficult to tend to other responsibilities.”

Donna uses words like safe place, peace of mind, movement, and improved quality of life when she talks about what Joy’s House has meant to her family. Words that come to mind are endearing, charming, and loving when describing Donna and her mother. But really, just seeing that beautiful smile on Miss Betty’s face will tell you everything you need to know.