A note from Tina, our Founder and President

November 26, 2019

Note: This letter was originally written and published in our newsletter on November 6th, 2019, before Tina began her two month medical leave to fight breast cancer.

Our Campaign by the Numbers
Goal: $559,000
Amount Raised: $719,827
in only 8 weeks with over 1,000 individual donors!

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You guys. We did it. You did it. Together, we did all of the things and it has been an incredible ride.

This year has been arguably the most difficult we have ever had at Joy’s House. We have had to reduce staff (which is so much more than positions and numbers – it’s people we walked alongside every day for years), and dissolve Caregiver Crossing, our radio show that we hosted with the one and only Terri Stacy. We are changing the way that we do our Annual Report and Calendar and we are communicating as much as possible with you through social media and email newsletters.

Regarding the campaign, someone recently said to me, “I think you will find that you set your goal too low.” I half laughed and said, “Well, try telling that to my eight-week ago self.” When we created the giving chart you see above, we were scared. We asked ourselves so many questions. One was what would happen if we didn’t raise the total amount? And while we brainstormed possibilities, we left the room each and every time knowing that it wasn’t an option to not raise the money. It wasn’t an option to look at closing. We knew we had to fight. Fight for our Guests (clients) and caregivers, fight for the families who need us now and who will need us in the future. And fight we did.

This campaign has opened up conversations that needed to happen – about partnerships, opportunities, and how to do things better, not just at Joy’s House, but in our city and state. We are excited for the possibilities that will come in the near future. And we are grateful for the team who is being assembled to look at long-term sustainability for Joy’s House. If you are interested in joining this team, please email Corrina at corrina@joyshouse.org.

As for me, I am getting ready to take a bit of time for myself. You see, a little over a week after we launched this critical fundraising campaign, I was diagnosed with cancer. Surgery is quickly approaching on November 11 and I will be in recovery and begin chemo this holiday season. January not only brings a new year, but I will be back with a flexible schedule and look forward to seeing what my phenomenal co-workers and Board of Directors have done in my absence.

Your continued prayers for Joy’s House, and your new ones for me, are appreciated more than you know. I can take some time to get myself healthy because you have shown so much love and support for Joy’s House and the families who rely on us. Thank you for joining us during this journey and those to come.

Big hugs ~ Tina

Because of you, we continue. And because we continue, we need you. You can donate here and help ensure the future of Joy’s House. And if you gave during our Critical Fundraising Campaign, you have our gratitude.