Celebrating Pilot Programs & Academic Relationships

March 4, 2019

March has us celebrating our academic partnerships and pilot programs implemented at Joy’s House throughout the years. We can think of no one better to represent this special month than Dr. Ellen Miller. Currently the associate Provost of Research, Graduate Programs, and Academic Partnerships; Executive Director, center for Aging and Community; and the DeHaan Endowed Chair in Gerontology, all at the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Ellen was instrumental in bringing Joy’s House to the UIndy community and the Southside of Indianapolis. Joy’s House, our families, and the next generation of young leaders are all better for knowing her.

Meet Dr. Ellen…

Dr. Ellen Miller is one of those people you would trust to run your business, watch your children, and, oh yeah, change the world for the better. And we are fortunate that she believes strongly in adult day services. “Adult day is an amazing solution that provides just the right support for families at that point in the continuum of care (from independent to dependent). I love knowing that there are top-notch people out there, providing these services for all the right reasons.” She goes on to share her belief in Joy’s House, specifically. “Joy’s House is a fabulous partner: for faculty who partner to help educate students; for faculty and staff who have a nearby solution to their caregiving challenges; for the University as a whole, acting as an extension of the good work being done every day at UIndy.” What she will never tell you is that we wouldn’t be who we are as an organization without her. Years ago, she told us that we were needed. Shortly after, we absorbed a respected adult day service, called Southport, and Joy’s House at UIndy was born. You see, Dr. Ellen Miller has a gift. Somehow, she lets you see yourself from her perspective and when that happens, you do things you never dreamed possible.