Celebrating Committees (and Mr. Doug!)

February 5, 2019

This month, we honor members of current and past Joy’s House committees. Their dedication and support have helped make us who we are through involvement in areas of marketing, finance, quality of service, development, governance, community connections, human resources, and other areas of need. Their expertise and enthusiasm has shined through smaller fundraising events, such as reverse raffles, cornhole tournaments, porch parties, bowling, and so many others. These committee members have influenced Joy’s House for the last twenty years. We celebrate you – this month and always.

These committee members help make Joy’s House a safe, accepting, engaging place for our Guests to spend their days. Meet Mr. Doug… 

This guy is a hoot. You know the kind of person you meet and you instantly know you should be friends? Well, that’s Mr. Doug. He is so much fun to be around, enjoys just about everything, and is full or surprises. When you ask him to share what he likes best about Joy’s House, he grins and says, “Eating. Playing Games. Doing Crafts. Singing. But I do want more sleep.” Don’t let him fool you. If he slept, he would miss the activities. And according to him, “Hugs for Doug” is an official, and one of the best, activities that takes place at Joy’s House. He also understands why he comes to Joy’s House five days a week and the impact it has had on his family. “It makes life easier,” he says. “There is less tension at home. Joy’s House has allowed my family a little more freedom without wondering if I’m safe. I’m in a safe place at Joy’s House.” He is safe with us. He is safe to live his life to the fullest, to be reminded that he is loved and important and to know that our job is to provide him with community and true safety. And on those days when he decides to let the wild child in him out (and trust us, there is a while child in there), we are here to remind him that if he gets too far out of line, we will find those rumored pictures of his bodybuilding days and the day that he was named Mr. Indiana. We told you he’s full of surprises.