Gala Behind the Scenes – Part 1

September 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: In the weeks leading up to the Gala, we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the planning process. You’ll hear from committee member Brent Cummins about how he became involved with Joy’s House, how the committee works in supporting the event, and how all the pieces come together in executing a beautiful night in support of the Joy’s House mission. 

I attended my first Joy’s House Gala in 2015. It was such a beautiful event. From the moment you walked in and until the moment I left, I felt and saw the love Joy’s House gives their guests every single day. That’s also the first night I met Tina. Throughout the night she wore many hats. She was the host for the evening, auctioneer and keynote speaker. Later that evening, I literally cried myself to sleep. I will admit it; I cried. The emotion I felt in that room hit me so hard. And it hit home for me. I immediately reached out to Tina via message the next day. She responded instantly.

I was asked by a co-worker, who is also a Joy’s House Board Member, to represent the company and serve on the Joy’s House Gala Committee. I immediately responded with “YES”! I was able to tell my story of why I wanted to step up to help out such a great organization. My story/reasoning was personal. I was jealous. I was jealous that a facility like Joy’s House was not around when my grandmother was dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease when she lived with us. That’s when I really started to get to know the members and Tina on a better, more friendly platform.

Tina is someone who is willing to make you a priority in her life. A servant to the community, a mentor, a friend, etc., she never makes you feel as if she is too busy to listen, help and care about you. This is why I serve as a Gala Committee member. Joy’s House is a place where I wish I could have been able to take my grandmother during the day. It’s simple: Joy’s House truly brings joy to their Guests and I get joy knowing these Guests have a safe place to call ‘home’ while they’re away from home. I am honored and so proud to serve as a Gala Committee member for this great organization!