Profiles in Courage: Dr. Mike and Ann

September 4, 2018

Ann has always been a Christian. She has always had a relationship with God. Granted, there have been times that she has felt closer than others, but the relationship has been solid forever. But she found herself asking God for something not too many months ago that surprised even her. “I was overwhelmed with blessings,” she says, “and so I asked Him to quit blessing me so much.” She giggles a little bit when the words come out of her mouth, knowing that it sounds like a foolish request to even the most faithful of people. But one person can only take so many blessings apparently and Ann has surely seen her share as of late.

Just a few years ago, Dr. Mike was operating his own dental practice. He and his wife Ann were happy, fulfilled and seemingly healthy. And then Mike received a life-altering diagnosis. It seemed like no time before the practice was gone. The house was on the market. The cars were being sold. Mike couldn’t wear his wedding ring any longer, so Ann placed it on her right hand, wearing it as a sign of their love and commitment. Everything changed. Mike looked at Ann one day and in a moment of clarity said, “How are we going to make it?”

The blessings started instantly. The house sold within 24 hours without any inspection to a man who offered cash and allowed them to remain in the home until they found their new place. The cars sold for asking prices. Doctors who normally had waiting lists for months saw them within weeks. People gathered around them in prayer and support, bringing meals and new conversation. Ann will share that there has never been a time in her life when she has felt so cradled.

When you ask her how she gets the courage to care so beautifully for her husband, she wants to shrug off the question. “This isn’t a choice,” she responds. “I wasn’t given a choice. You just have to trust God’s love and mercy.” She sits for a minute and then with this gorgeous confidence she says words that everyone can stand to hear no matter the situation: “Your faith just has to be stronger than your fear.”