Profiles in Courage: Miss Allene

March 8, 2018

Some people just can’t help themselves. They make friends wherever they go. This is Miss Allene and she has been like this for as long as anyone can remember. In her younger years, she was the neighborhood mom. Her front porch was the place to come and talk about life’s challenges and glories. It was the place to crawl up as small children and walk away as young men and women.

And not much is different now except age. Miss Allene still attracts people. At Joy’s House, everyone wants to be around her. Her contagious laugh is hard to deny and her beautiful smile draws you in from the minute you meet her. Miss Allene reminds us that love is what really matters and that we all just want to be accepted by the people around us. She also shows us, every day, that you are never too old to make a new friend.