Profiles in Courage: Miss Catherine

January 2, 2019

Miss Catherine hasn’t been able to see clearly for a long time. As a matter of fact, she lost her sight, regained her sight, and lost it again. She was both with cataracts and had her first of many surgeries when she was around five years old. Time went on, she attended school and after college, she worked as a social worker. Miss Catherine will tell stories of riding across the big bridge to New York City on her way to and from work every day. But one day in her early fifties, she was sitting at her desk and something happened that resulted in complete loss of vision forever.

When she recovered and went home, she returned without sight and lived in her house completely bling for a year without any formal training – cooking, cleaning, living without sight. Miss Catherine is the person who knows everything that’s going on in a room. She can tell you where people are sitting, what is ailing them, what has made them smile that morning When asked about what seeing means to her at this point in her life, she will tell you that while she would do a lot more if she could see, she feels like God has blessed her. She can take care of basic needs, enjoys going to movies, and still travels.

And everyone knows that Miss Catherine is at the center of it all. After all, she is the woman who has the courage to see things clearly even when she can’t see them at all.