Caregivers Recharge

May 14, 2018
It is a familiar story. Those who are eager to experience the joys of learning and travel but don’t have the chance. Perhaps their aging parent has moved in or their spouse is now in a nursing home. Whatever the situation, the reality is that for many caregivers it’s difficult to get away. That’s why Road Scholar created Caregiver Grants. It’s financial assistance to help offset the financial burdens of caregiving, so caregivers can benefit from their unique combination of learning, discovery and community — a combination that is especially helpful for caregivers experiencing isolation and feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

Luanne, a recent Caregiver Grant recipient, said it best:

“My husband has suffered from dementia for seven years, and it has been a long and sometimes lonely journey. This opportunity to get away on a Road Scholar program was truly a gift beyond measure for me. Being selected for a Caregiver Grant allowed me time away for learning new things, and meeting and talking with new people. I came home refreshed and renewed and ready to continue the journey with him.”
As an academic institution, Road Scholar is proud to support our community of adult learners through their Caregiver Grants. This year, they have set aside funds specifically for caregivers that might go unused. If you are caring for a friend or loved one, we encourage you to apply. If you know a caregiver, please pass this information along. Getting away and recharging on a Road Scholar learning adventure could be just the thing they need.

Learn more about their caregiver grants