Profiles in Courage: Mr. Dominic and Maria

February 5, 2018

Many of us experience family traditions without thinking about it. Maybe it’s the first day of school photos that happen every fall or the bedtime stories every night. Maybe it’s something as creative as a secret family handshake or burying jack-o’-lanterns the day after Halloween. For others, it gets more personal.

Mr. Dominic and his wife, Maria, grew up in Nigeria. They are the proud parents of ten children and have well over a dozen grandchildren already who bring them pure joy in their lives. They have traveled and experienced many places, but found themselves moving to the United States not too long ago to live close to one of their daughters.

When asked about his family, Mr. Dominic’s smile stretches wide across his face and the words “I just love them” drift out of his mouth like a song. Nothing brings him such happiness as his family. And to think that it all started when he fell in love with Maria so many decades ago and asked her to be his bride is a fond memory. “This necklace,” Maria says as she touches the shining shape of a woman that hangs across her chest, “was a gift when I married. Each daughter-in-law receives one when she marries into the family to welcome her.”