2018: The Year of Courage

January 11, 2018

If you’ve received one of our 2018 calendars, you’ve noticed by now that our 2018 “theme” for Joy’s House is courage. (And if you haven’t yet gotten a calendar and would like one – or several! – please email us.) We see courage in a lot of people, and in a lot of ways, at Joy’s House. As our President and Founder Tina McIntosh says, “I see courage on your face when we say hello. I see it in mine when I look in the mirror…courage might just be the private part of bravery. To me, bravery feels like that lion. Courage feels like the little mouse behind him saying, ‘You’ve got this. Go on. Take a step forward and move. I’m right here if you need me.'”

It’s important to us to share our stories of courage with you this year. We’ll be featuring a different story each month to follow along with the beautiful people and faces you’ll see in the calendar. And of course, we’ll continue to share our smaller moments of courage along the way through various posts, both here and through our social media channels. And as always, we’ll be sure to share our moments of joy, too. We hope you’ll join us and step courageously into 2018.

Mandy Williams
Community Engagement Director