The Odd Couple

March 7, 2017

Joy’s House and Brewers of Indiana Guild. One of these things is not like the other…or are they alike? While they may seem like the “odd couple”, in truth, they’re the perfect pair. After all, both are nonprofits based in Indianapolis and both are invested in bettering their community. Sure, their services are different, but the passion in which they deliver those services are quite similar. So, actually, it makes sense that the two would work together.

Recently, Brewers of Indiana Guild again demonstrated their belief in the Joy’s House mission by selecting Joy’s House as their charity partner for their 9th Annual Winterfest event. Their dedication to raising awareness and funds to support Joy’s House is overwhelming. In fact, over 8,000 tickets were sold, and since $3 of every ticket goes directly to Joy’s House, this means that not only did people get to sample the finest beer in the state from over 100 brewers, but they also got to support an important cause within their community. And for Joy’s House, this is HUGE. These funds will go directly to serving the mission of Joy’s House, which is to provide exceptional adult day and caregiver services to those in our community.

And that’s not all. Joy’s House was honored to serve at the coat check for Winterfest, which sold out again this year. Not only did this raise awareness about Joy’s House to all of the attendees, but Joy’s House was also able to accept tips at the coat check station, which yielded another $2,000!


Volunteers at Winterfest 2017!

Joy’s House Community Engagement Manager, Laura Weiger, said it best:

To say we’re grateful would be a gross understatement. Our thanks is not enough. We are extremely grateful to the Brewers of Indiana Guild for selecting us to be the beneficiary of such a generous partnership. We are also thankful to each and every person that stopped by the coat check and added to our tip jar. And don’t get me started on how thankful we are for our AMAZING volunteers!! The fact of the matter is, we simply couldn’t do it without them. We had close to 50 volunteers who donated 6 hours of their Saturday working a coat check because they believe in the mission of Joy’s House. As I personally thanked one of the volunteers for his generosity, he said to me that it’s important that we give back to our community. This speaks to the hearts of all of those that showed up to volunteer, as well as to the heart of our partnership with Brewers of Indiana Guild. We are blessed to know such kind and giving individuals and we will always strive to show the same level of love, loyalty and commitment to those relationships.

So, while this partnership between Joy’s House and Brewers of Indiana Guild may appear odd at first glance, there is no doubt that it makes perfect sense.