Our Name

People are always asking how we came up with the name Joy’s House for our adult day service. We liked the comfort that came with visiting someone and the idea of what it takes to build a house. It made sense. Then came the second obstacle — choosing a name. We knew it was a “house,” but whose house was it? Then one day it just hit us — Joy! Not a person, but an amazing emotion.

Miss Gurtis and her adorable grandchildren enjoying our secret garden in Broad Ripple.

Located in the Broad Ripple area and on the south side of Indianapolis, Joy’s House was created from one woman’s dream, supported by family and friends, and has blossomed into a remarkable not-for-profit organization that provides physical, mental and financial relief for families caring for a loved one. Caregiving for a parent, spouse, family member or friend can be both wonderful and exhausting. What are you to do if you need to go to work, attend an appointment or simply take time for yourself? Adult day service is the perfect answer.

Joy’s House adult day service provides care for adults living with physical and mental challenges while providing respite for caregivers. Adult day services are defined by National Adult Day Service Association as “coordinated programs of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based group setting. Services are designed to provide social and some health services to adults who need supervised care in a safe place outside the home during the day.”

What We Do

Joy’s House serves families by providing exceptional adult day and caregiver services.

How We Started

Joy’s House founder, Tina McIntosh, first became interested in the idea of opening an adult day service when she volunteered at a center in Muncie, Indiana as a freshman at Ball State University.  One Master’s degree and ten years later, she found the courage to leave her successful job as an event planner and began the complicated process of opening a not-for-profit adult day center in 1999.

As she shared her dream with others, she could see the passion grow inside of them.  Before she knew it, people began to support her dream, and many formed the Board of Directors, Board Advisors and committee members for what we now know as Joy’s House. Together, they brought Tina’s dream to reality.

We’re Not Done Yet

With the help of donors, partners and volunteers in our community, we will continue to provide more than 10,500 days of service annually for adults living with a life altering diagnosis and more than 10,000 caregiving individuals in Greater Indianapolis annually. We are also working on potentially expanding our UIndy location, opening additional Joy’s House Community Sites, as well as exploring a physical location for enhanced Caregiver Services adjacent to our Broad Ripple Adult Day Services location.