Profiles in Courage: Mr. Joe

June 28, 2018

Like a lot of children who grew up during his time, Mr. Joe was raised on a farm. He was one of 14 children and without a doubt, his friendly approach, easy smile, and quick wit are a result of knowing what it’s like to work a room, even if they were his brothers and sisters. Siblings teach us a lot about who we are and who we want to be one day. And Mr. Joe’s siblings must have taught him that he was made to serve because he certainly doesn’t know how to live life without taking care of others.

Not only did he attend St. Meinrad seminary, but he served our country for years as a United States Marine. For most of us, that would be enough, but not for Mr. Joe. He went on to serve, on both the Indianapolis Fire Department and the Indianapolis Police Department. As a matter of fact, Mr. Joe was one of the individuals who helped bring the 911 call system to the city of Indianapolis. His courage to serve has touched and saved countless lives in our great city and there is no way for us to ever thank him properly, but if you get the chance to try, you can start with a handshake, a salute, or a simple “thank you.” Something tells us that to Mr. Joe, any one of those would speak volumes.