Resources for Caregivers

This is a stressful, uncertain and difficult time for everyone. Caregivers especially are faced with caring for a loved one that may be living with a life-altering diagnosis (and often children as well), without much-needed respite and support from organizations like Joy’s House.

We hope the following resources can be helpful in navigating this difficult time and keeping your own self-care and mental health at the forefront. It’s important to continue to care for yourself while also caring for those you love.

We will continue to update these resources, so please check back often!

Be safe and be well, friends.



The Chef at Nameless Catering Co. has created frozen family meals that can be delivered to your door! Free pickup is also available. Stock up now and take the stress of cooking and preparing a meal off your mental table. CLICK HERE to view meals and order.


  • Jigsaw Puzzles: click here to see options for people looking for simpler puzzles, ones designed for Alzheimer’s or dementia, puzzles for people with impaired vision, and even ones made from your own photos. All with links for direct shipping to your door!


  • COVID-19 Indianapolis Response Volunteer Group: this group identifies healthy young adults (whose risk level is relatively low) who are willing to be paired with an elder or immunocompromised person now in order to coordinate delivery of essential supplies if/when needed and check in with them by phone or other electronic means. Please register your contact info here if you would like to participate by either volunteering or receiving help.